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Shaanxi Ruiwo Phytochem Co., Ltd. a high-tech manufacturing enterprise, is dedicated to research and development, production and sales of natural plant extracts, Active monosour, Ingredients. We has been committed to providing steady supply of products and innovative services to customers in industries of global pharmaceutical, health care, cosmetics and so on .

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    1. Endothelin antagonists It is extracted from the European herb chamomile, which can resist endothelin and inhibit the production of melanocytes. The uneven distribution of endothelin in the skin is the main factor leading to the formation of pigmentation. Endothelin antagonists can inhibit end...

  • What is plant extract?

    Plant extracts refer to plant products with biological small molecules and macromolecules as the main body formed for the purpose of separating and purifying one or more active ingredients in plant raw materials by physical, chemical and biological means. Grape seed extract plant extracts, such ...

  • Congratulations to Shaanxi Ruiwo phytochem Co., Ltd. for becoming a major global supplier of quercetin

    According to customs data in 2021, Shaanxi Ruiwo phytochem Co., Ltd. became the world’s top 10 supplier and the first quercetin supplier in the US market. Quercetin is a flavonoids, also known as oak essence, quercetin, widely distributed in plants.Quercetoe has multiple biological propert...


Ruiwo attaches high importance to the construction of quality system, regarding quality as life, and implements GMP standards strictly to maintain high quality. Yet we have passed certification for 3A, ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP, Kosher, Halal and food production licenses(SC).

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