Short Description:

Yohimbine bark extract is extracted from the dry bark of the African plant yohimbine, and its main component is yohimbine hydrochloride; it can increase sexual muscle tone and inhibit urine without damage; accelerate the body’s energy metabolism and increase energy supply. The source of natural extraction of yohimbine is mainly from Africa.

Product Detail

Product Description

Product Name: Yohimbe Bark Extract

Category: Plant Extracts

Effective components: Yohimbine

Product specification: 8%, 98.0% 

Analysis: HPLC

Quality Control: In House

Formulate: C21H26N2O3 HCL

CAS No: Yohimbine:146-48-5    Yohimbine Hydrochloride:65-19-0

Appearance: brown-red powder, white to milky white fine powder with characteristic odor.

Identification: Passes all criteria tests

Storage: keep in cool and dry place, well-closed, away from moisture or direct sunlight.

Volume Savings: Sufficient material supply and stable supply channel of raw material.

Certificate of Analysis

Product name Yohimbe Bark Extract Botanical Source Corynante Yohimbine
Batch NO. RW-YB20210408 Batch Quantity 900 kgs
Manufacture Date Apr. 08. 2021 Expiration Date Apr. 17. 2021
Solvents Residue Water&Ethanol Part Used Bark
Physical&Chemical Data
Color Red-Brown / White Organoleptic Qualified
Ordour Characteristic Organoleptic Qualified
Appearance Fine Powder Organoleptic Qualified
Analytical Quality
Identification Identical to R.S. sample HPTLC Identical
Yohimbine ≥8.0, 98.0% HPLC Qualified
Loss on Drying 5.0% Max. Eur.Ph.7.0 [2.5.12] Qualified
Total Ash 5.0% Max. Eur.Ph.7.0 [2.4.16] Qualified
Sieve 100% pass 80 mesh USP36<786> Qualified
Bulk Density 40~60 g/100ml Eur.Ph.7.0 [2.9.34] 53.38 g/100ml
Solvents Residue Meet Eur.Ph.7.0 <5.4> Eur.Ph.7.0 <2.4.24> Qualified
Pesticides Residue Meet USP Requirements USP36 <561> Qualified
Heavy Metals
Total Heavy Metals 10ppm Max. Eur.Ph.7.0 <2.2.58> ICP-MS Qualified
Lead (Pb) 3.0ppm Max. Eur.Ph.7.0 <2.2.58> ICP-MS Qualified
Arsenic (As) 2.0ppm Max. Eur.Ph.7.0 <2.2.58> ICP-MS Qualified
Cadmium(Cd) 1.0ppm Max. Eur.Ph.7.0 <2.2.58> ICP-MS Qualified
Mercury (Hg) 1.0ppm Max. Eur.Ph.7.0 <2.2.58> ICP-MS Qualified
Microbe Tests
Total Plate Count NMT 1000cfu/g USP  <2021> Qualified
Total Yeast & Mold NMT 100cfu/g USP  <2021> Qualified
E.Coli Negative USP  <2021> Negative
Salmonella Negative USP  <2021> Negative
Packing&Storage   Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside.
N.W: 25kgs
Store in a well-closed container away from moisture, light, oxygen.
Shelf life 24 months under the conditions above and in its original packaging.

Analyst: Dang Wang

Checked by: Lei Li

Approved by: Yang Zhang

Product Function

1. Yohimbine Extract belong to non-hormonal drugs, male health care drugs.

2. The product expands smooth muscle and can be used to treat arteriosclerosis.

3. Use as a food supplement/prescription drug. It belongs to the category of stimulants.

Application of Schisandra Extract

1, Men health.

2, Pharmaceutical field.

Factory Presentation



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The company has set up three production bases in Indonesia, Xianyang and Ankang respectively, and has a number of multi-functional plant extraction production lines with extraction, separation, concentration and drying equipment. It processes nearly 3,000 tons of various plant raw materials and produces 300 tons of plant extracts annually. With the production system in line with GMP certification and advanced industrial scale production technology and management methods, the company provides customers in various industries with quality assurance, stable product supply and high-quality supporting services. An African plant in Madagascar is in the works.


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Ruiwo attaches great importance to the construction of quality system, regards quality as life, strictly controls quality, strictly implements GMP standards, and has passed 3A, customs filing, ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL certification and food production license (SC), etc. Ruiwo has established a standard laboratory equipped with a full set of TLC, HPLC, UV, GC, microbial detection and other instruments, and has chosen to conduct in-depth strategic cooperation with the world's famous third party testing laboratory SGS, EUROFINS, Noan Testing, PONY testing and other institutions to jointly ensure rigorous product quality control ability.

Process flow of production line

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Laboratory display

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Global sourcing system for raw materials

We have established a global direct harvesting system around the world to ensure the highest quality of authentic plant raw materials.
In order to ensure the stable quality of high-quality raw materials, Ruiwo has established its own plant raw materials planting bases around the world.


Research and development

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Company in growing at the same time, to constantly improve the market competitiveness, pay more attention to the systematic management and specialization operation, constantly enhance their scientific research ability, and Northwest University, Shaanxi Normal University, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University and Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co.,Ltd and other scientific research teaching units cooperation set up research and development laboratory research and development of new products, optimize process, improve the yield, To continuously improve the comprehensive strength.



We pay high attention to customer service, and cherish every customer. We now have maintained a strong reputation in the industry for many years. We've been honest and work on building a long-term relationship with our customers.


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No matter what problems, please feel free to contact our sales staff to give you a proper solution.

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We provide free samples, welcome to consult, looking forward to cooperating with you.

About natural plant extract, contact us at info@ruiwophytochem.com at any time! We are a professional Plant Extract Factory, which has three production bases!

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